FIFA 21 TOTS Cards now available for MLS and the rest of the world

The TOTS activity in FIFA 21 continues, and two new teams are brought to players today. The new content of the game is MLS TOTS and TOTS cards from other parts of the world. These cards are unique in the game: today, Monday, two smaller teams appeared in the TOTS event (the best team of the season). These include the greatly improved American League MLS map and TOTS atlases from various leagues in the other football world. When will the new TOTS card appear? The new team will be available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team starting at 7:00 pm today (May 31st, European Central Time). The new TOTS cards continue to use the Eredivisie and Chinese Super League cards.

These TOTS cards are currently in the game:
Ligue 1 TOTS
Major League Soccer
Rest of the World TOTS

This is the complete MLS TOTS.
These are the strongest cards: the new TOTS cards from Nani (93) and Rossi (92) look very strong. But Pozuelo (91) and Ruidiaz (90) also received cards of excellent value.

LF: Nani (93)
ST: Rossi (92)
ZOM: Pozuelo (91)
ST: Ruidiaz (90)
ZOM: Lodeiro (89)
RM: Espinoza (89)
LV: Wagner (89)
RV: Tinnerholm (88)
TW: Blake (87)
IV: Zimmerman (86)
IV: Mensah (85)

This is what TOTS looks like in the rest of the world
These are the strongest cards: powerful cards can also be found elsewhere in the TOTS world. Casino (91), Orsic (90), and Tavernier (90) stood out with excellent data.

ZOM: Cesinha (91)
LM: Orsic (90)
RV: Tavernier (90)
ZDM: Tardieu (89)
RM: Embarba (89)
ST: Daka (88)
ST: Maclaren (88)
IV: Sviatchenko (87)
ST: Onuachu (87)
LAV: Mladenovic (86)
TW: Mannus (85)

This is how you get a new TOTS card.
You have the following options: To obtain a TOTS card, you have several options:
You have won at least 11 victories in the weekend league. To get more achievements, you will get additional TOTS card player options.
You visit the FUT transfer market. There you can get the TOTS card of your choice, but the price is usually relatively high.
You can complete TOTS-SBC (Squad Building Challenge) and hope to get a good income.

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