Mbappé and Neymar are online in FIFA 21 Ligue 1 TOTS

In FIFA 21, the seasonal team activities continue. Starting today, there is a powerful TOTS card from Ligue 1 in France. This is Ligue 1 TOTS: The TOTS (team this season) of Ligue 1 in France is a collection of the best players of the Ligue 1 season that has just ended. Here, Ligue 1 is replaced with the TOTS card of the Italian Serie A.

When will Ligue 1 TOTS appear? Starting at 7 pm on May 28th, the new TOTS card will be available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. You can find them in a package for a week.

This is what the whole Ligue 1 TOTS look like
The new team is powerful: Ligue 1 TOTS provides many powerful cards. Especially the excellent playing cards from Mbappé (97) and Neymar (96) stood out. However, Di Maria (95), Ben Yed (93), and Bamba (92) also received good TOTS cards.

The complete Ligue 1 TOTS:
ST: Mbappé (97)
ZOM: Neymar Jr. (96)
MS: Depay (95)
RF: Di Maria (95)
TW: Navas (94)
IV: Jose Fonté (93)
ST: Ben Yedder (93)
IV: Marquinhos (93)
ZDM: André (92)
LM: Bamba (92)
ST: Yilmaz (91)
ZM: Lucas Paqueta (90)
RAV: Clauss (90)
RM: Laborde (89)
LAV: Caio Henrique (88)

This is how you get a new TOTS card
In the weekend league, you can get at least 11 victories to get the TOTS player draft. If you get more wins, there will be more players to choose from.

You can buy TOTS cards in the transfer market, although the prices here are relatively high.
You can complete TOTS-SBC (Team Building Challenge) and hope to get a good income.

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