FIFA 21 TOTW 35 is now online, three best Inform cards

TOTW 35 can now be used in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. FUTFINE shows you the best cards in the new team this week. When will TOTW 35 appear? FIFA 21 Ultimate Team now offers a new 35-week team. It will be released at 7:00 pm on May 26, 2021, and will remain available for a week. To get a card from TOTW, you can try to pack it in FIFA 21. However, it would help if you had a lot of luck here. You can buy them exclusively on the transfer market because they can be costly. The new Inform card can no longer be found in the Weekend League rewards, and now you have a chance to get a powerful TOTS card.

The complete TOTW 35-with Mané and Suarez
This is the new TOTW 35: The new team in week 35 is significantly better than the previous weeks and offers some strengths. There are many good choices, especially for storms, such as Suarez (90), Mané (92), Morata (88), Pépé (87), and Gnabry (88). However, the new card from Modric (88) also looks neat.

TOTW 34 Starting players:
TW: Cillessen (84)
IV: Kjaer (85)
IV: Maripan (84)
IV: Victor Ruiz (81)
ZM: Modric (88)
LM: Gnabry (88)
RM: Pépé (87)
ZOM: Stindl (85)
LF: Mané (92)
ST: Suarez (90)
ST: Morata (88)

TOTW 34 Substitute players:
TW: Schwäbe (76)
IV: Bornauw (81)
ZOM: Zelarayan (84)
LM: Pablo Fornals (82)
ZM: Vanaken (82)
ST: David (84)
ST: Adeyemi (81)
ZM: Zachariassen (78)
ZM: Green (76)
ZOM: Thorstvedt (76)
ST: Boye (77)
ST: Kelly (67)

The three best Inform cards in TOTW 35

The card with the highest score this week contributed 92 points to Sadio Mané. Fast wingers shouldn’t be cheap but have excellent value in terms of pace (96), dribbling (92), and shooting (89).
Luis Suarez can show high value in the new TOTW 35 with 90 cards. Most importantly, shooting (94), dribbling (88), and body (86) are good.
The new Inform card from Serge Gnabry (88) is an exciting choice for the Bundesliga team. It has a substantial value in all areas, and because of the new TOTS card, the price should not be too high.

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