FIFA 21 TOTS Eredivisie and the CSL team are now Packed

In FIFA 21, two new TOTS (Teams of the Season) came into play today. These are the new TOTS cards from Eredivisie in the Netherlands and the Chinese Super League (CSL). When will the new TOTS card appear? Starting today, in the afternoon of May 24th, Central European Time, the new team will join the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. The new card follows the TOTS card of the Portuguese NOS League and is provided in the FIFA package simultaneously as the Serie A TOTS. Therefore, these can also appear in the following weekend league awards next Thursday.

The complete Eredivisie TOTS
These are the strongest cards: The Eredivisie TOTS contains some powerful cards, but the best cards are probably those from Koopmeiners (91), Malen (90), and Tadic (90).

ZDM: Koopmeiners (91)
ST: Malen (90)
LF: Tadic (90)
RF: Berghuis (89)
RV: Dumfries (89)
IV: Blind (88)
ST: Giakoumakis (88)
LV: Max (87)
ZOM: Klaasen (87)
IV: Bazoer (86)
TW: Pasveer (85)

Complete Chinese Super League TOTS (CSL)
These are the strongest cards: In CSL TOTS, four players from 90 regions have been scored: Alessandrini (92), Bakamba (91), Oscar (91), and Marco (90 ).

RM: Alessandrini (92)
ST: Bakambu (91)
ZOM: Oscar (91)
ST: Marcao (90)
ZDM: Moises (89)
ZOM: Jonathan Viera (89)
ZOM: Mierzejewski (88)
IV: Sunzu (87)
LV: Wang Shenchao (86)
IV: Memisevic (86)
TW: Liu Dianzuo

To obtain a TOTS card, you have the following options:
In the weekend league, you have at least 11 victories. For more wins, you will get other player options that include TOTS cards.
You visit the FUT transfer market. There, you can choose the TOTS card you want, but the price is usually not low.
You can complete TOTS-SBC (Team Building Challenge) and hope to get a good income.

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