FIFA 21 TOTW 34 New team Predictions this week

On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, the new TOTW 34 will appear in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Who can participate in this week’s competition? Let’s take a look at TOTW’s forecast. What is a weekly team? EA will summarize a new TOTW every week. This team consists of 23 players who stood out last weekend with goals, assists, and strong performances. In return, they will get a place in the Weekly Team and improved Inform cards, which can be found in the one-week package. However, there are currently no TOTW cards in the weekend league rewards, which powerful TOTS cards have replaced.

These are TOTW predictions: The FUT community tries to guess which players can join TOTW every week. Here, the performance of the players will be carefully checked and predictions made.

Ultimate Team’s best team predictions for week 34

TW: Buffon (Juventus Turin/Piedmont Carcio)
TW: Foster (Southampton)

IV: Fernandez (Real Madrid)
IV: Soinku (Leicester City)

RM: Cuadrado (Juventus Turin/Piedmont Carcio)
ZDM: Hoiberg (Tottenham)
CM: Soller (Valencia)
ZOM: Park Tower (Lion)
RM: Pizzi (Lisbon Benfica)
RM: Torres (Manchester City)
RM: Fassnacht (Bourne)
LM: Pavlidis (William II)
LM: Harrison (Leeds United)
ZOM: Oscar (Shanghai SIPG)
ZOM: Pena (FC Emmen)

ST: Firmino (Liverpool Football Club)
ST: Boadu (AZ Alkmaar)
ST: Gavranovic (Dinamo Zagreb)
ST: Omoijuanfo (Molde)
ST: Baka (Villa)
ST: Doi (Kashima Antlers)
ST: Dursun (SV Darmstadt 98)
ST: Rebic (AC Milan)

Will Lewandowski receive a record-breaking card? Last weekend, Robert Lewandowski scored his 40th goal in the Bundesliga this season, catching up with Gerd Müller’s record in the 1971/72 season. The Bayern striker should usually get the record-breaking player card for the form. However, since Lewandowski has already used his TOTS (Best Team of the Season) card in the FIFA combination, and players can only have one special card at a time, this situation is unlikely to happen.

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