FIFA 21 TOTS La Liga NOS team is Now Live

Another team of this season can now be found in FIFA 21. The Portuguese League NOS provided the next TOTS card. But who is there?

When will La Liga NOS TOTS come? The new team has now started to provide services at 7:00 pm on May 17th. Every Monday, a small league will be added to the current TOTS event. Following the Süper Lig team last week, this week is the Portuguese NOS League.

In next Thursday’s weekend league rewards, players from the Portuguese league can also appear-just like the powerful TOTS card from the Bundesliga.

This is the entire league NOS TOTS.
This is a team: the new NOS TOTS league offers cards with higher overall ratings. The new TOTS cards from Pedro Goncalves (92), Otavio (92), and Rafa (91) are inspiring. But Seferovic (89) and Grimaldo (90) also received new TOTS cards with good value.

All cards of La Liga NOS TOTS:
MS: Pedro Goncalves (92)
LM: Otavio (92)
RM: Rafa (91)
LV: Grimaldo (90)
IV: Outerwear (89)
ST: Seferovich (89)
CM: Sergio Oliveira (89)
IV: Otamandi (88)
ZDM: Palhinha (87)
TW: Adam (86)
RAV: Pedro Porro (85)

This is how you get a new TOTS card.
You have the following options: To obtain a TOTS card, you have the following options:
In the weekend league, you can get at least 11 victories to get the TOTS player pick. If you get more wins, there will be more players to choose from.
You can buy TOTS cards on the transfer market. However, the price may be high.
You can complete TOTS-SBC (Team Building Challenge) and hope to get a good income.

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