FIFA 21 Strong players over 90 years old with less than 100K coins

In FIFA 21, TOTS is in full swing. At the same time, the prices of many cards in the transfer market are falling. So many that some top players are cheap now. What happened there? In FIFA 21, the team regularly releases compelling new cards this season. Unique cards appear every week, which have high value and may be correspondingly expensive.

In the transfer market, the old players of top players are getting cheaper. With some of these players, you can usually improve your team-or at least use them in SBC. This is why we are looking for some top players here. These players have become very cheap during this period.

Kevin De Bruyne (King)
Price: about 65,000
Kevin De Bryune’s total score even reached 91 points, mainly due to his excellent skills as a midfield planner. De Bruyne is the perfect preparer, and if in doubt, he can find a conclusion with great power. The Belgians initially spent less than 400,000 coins, but now only 60,000 coins.

Robert Lewandowski (Notice)
Price: about 90,000
Robert Lewandowski is currently providing one of the strongest Bundesliga performances in real life, which is why he has collected many unique cards during FIFA 21. One of them-his first Inform card-fell below 100,000. If the shooter shoots in the penalty area, a solid forward is almost guaranteed for his goal. If you want to spend less, you should look for Lewandowski’s gold card.

Ilkay Gündogan (TOTS)
Price: about 77,500 coins
Judging from the incredible prices even a few weeks ago, it can even be seen how much the current TOTS card has impacted the transfer market. For example, Ilkay Gündogan obtained a compelling TOTS card. The Manchester City midfielder has everything you might need in the center. Price: Only 88,000 coins for sale

Michael Laudrup (91)
Price: about 81,000
Michael Laudrup represents another set of cards that are relatively stable in price: icons. But now the prices of many legends are also falling. Laudrup’s Prime Icon card has now reached 83,000 coins. The value of ZOM is instrumental, and like all other icons, it has the particularity of establishing links with all players.

Virgil van Dijk (gold)
Price: about 55,000 coins
Virgil van Dijk (Virgil van Dijk) is one of the best central defenders globally and one of the highest centers initially rated by FIFA 21. His card was full of 540,000 coins at its highest, but it has been declining in the past few months. Some cards have surpassed Golden Van Dijk-but Liverpool’s defender is still a solid central defender.

Mohamed Sara (King)
Price: about 60,000 coins
Salah’s highest price was about $400,000, and it is now only a tiny part of that price. For many players who can use a dribbling winger on the right, this should come in handy. Salah’s gold medal was convincing with speed, conclusion, and dribble. Although he doesn’t have five-star skills, he can still race in dangerous situations and complete the race with four-star fast running ability.

Joshua Kimmich (TOTGS)
Price: about 58,000 coins
With his achievements in the Champions League, Kimmich obtained the team stage card, which had just exceeded 250,000 coins in the past. Today, it can be used for nearly 60,000 coins, but as a strong midfielder, it is still convincing. Whether on defense or offense, Kimmich can set the focus for you.

Sadio Mané (gold)
Price: about 55,000 coins
With Inform, Freeze, and TOTY nominations, Mané has competed with various unique cards. The ordinary gold medal still has the lethal combination of speed, finish, and dribbling that defines Mané. They are now priced at 55,000 coins-which is cheap compared to the 500,000 coins that Mané sold at the beginning of the game.

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