How to become a FIFA 21 top shooter without FUT coins?

The strong of FIFA 21 are usually very expensive. But with the current mission, you can find a very dangerous striker in Alexander Isak-and without spending money. What kind of card is that? Bundesliga fans will still recognize Alexander Isak’s name from BVB, but the Swedes are now scoring goals for Spanish club Real Sociedad. Isak is very reliable. In the La Liga TOTS event, Isak received a playoff card.

Highlights: They are not sold in groups or offered in the transfer market but the current goal of the Ultimate Team. This means that you can earn cards without opening the package or spending fut coins.
If you are looking for an excellent striker, you should check it out here. Because the value of this card is extraordinary: Isak has a breakneck pairing speed, strong dribbling ability, passing solid knowledge, and high passing efficiency. His physical fitness is also excellent, with four stars for skills and five stars for weak feet. For example, if you equip Isak with an engine style, it will not be very interesting for your opponents.

In addition, the body type of the attacker with a height of 1.92 meters is tall & thin, which is unusual. According to the current state, this combination can only be found on Anderson Talisca other than Isak-the Brazilian is a smart meta card, especially at the beginning of the season.

In short: With Isak, FIFA 21 has released one of the best mission cards ever. To get it, you don’t have to master such a difficult challenge.

This is how you get TOTS, Alexander Isak.
You must do this for Isak: you must solve a total of 5 subtasks. They are all played in the La Liga mode, that is, during friendly matches. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about player statistics or contracts, and the game will not affect the contract status of football players. This also means that you can use loan players indefinitely, as long as they have at least one game contract left.

The tasks are as follows:
Crossing: Prepare three goals in the live FUT-friendly game LaLiga-Connections.
Weak-footed goals: In the live FUT friendly game La Liga, each foot scores four goals, and the weak football star is at least four stars.
Sociedad Goalscorer: Score 15 goals in the FUT-friendly LaLiga Connections on-site.
Successful winning streak: Win 9 games in the live FUT-friendly game LaLiga Connections.
Tricky Goaler: Meet players with at least 4-star skill moves in the live FUT friendly game LaLiga Connections and participate in 11 individual matches.
Which players can I use? You need 11 Lariga players from at least six clubs and at least four countries in this mode. On the other hand, you can use any player on the bench. Therefore, in theory, you can also replace three players from LaLiga.
It is best to have as many players as possible on weak teams and teams with at least four stars. Then, you don’t have to look very carefully at which player can accomplish which goal.

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