Messi and Benzema together in FIFA 21 La Liga TOTS is now live

The new La Liga TOTS offers 15 heavily upgraded cards that can now be used in FIFA 21. The team looks solid and offers total turnovers such as Messi (98), Benzema (97), and Suarez (95), especially on the offensive end. But cards from Varane (95), De Jong (94), and Casemiro (94) also have substantial value.

ST: Messi (98)
MS: Benzema (97)
TW: Oblak (96)
IV: Varane (95)
ST: Suarez (95)
ZM: De Jong (94)
ZDM: Casemiro (94)
LV: Jordi Alba (93)
ZOM: Fekir (92)
LM: Carrasco (92)
RF: Lucas Vazques (92)
RV: Jesus Navas (91)
ST: Gerard Moreno (90)
ZM: Marcos Llorente (89)
IV: Kounde (88)

This is the TOTS of the Ultimate Team: The team this season includes the best players of the season. The matched special card has significantly improved value. It is not uncommon for weaker players to suddenly get cards in the 80s or even 90s range.

This is how you get a new TOTS card.
You have the following options: There are many options for obtaining a robust TOTS card. Weekend leagues are the cheapest but at the same time the most stressful method because TOTS cards can be used as rewards. If you have at least 11 victories here (silver medal 1), you can expect players with 3 TOTS cards to choose from. For more wins, you will get other players to choose from.
The next option is the FUT transfer market, but the price of a powerful TOTS card is relatively high. It is wise to do TOTS SBC (Small Class Construction Challenge) once a week to ensure a safe TOTS card.​​​ However, even the worst TOTS players can get out of this line.
Last but not least, TOTS players can hide their backpacks. However, the chance of getting a strong TOTS card here is negligible.

How TOTS changes rewards: The rewards for the upcoming weekend league on Thursday will include the current season team card instead of TOTW players. Therefore, if you rank high enough in the weekend leagues, you can expect players to pick picks highly rated to a large extent.

Since the TOTS team changes once a week, there will be different rewards every week. The distribution of player picks among the teams is as follows:
Starting with three silver medals, all TOTW items selected by players will be replaced by TOTS items.
For the silver medals ranked 2nd and 3rd, there is a restricted level of draft picks. Their score cannot exceed 88. Starting with Silver 1, this restriction no longer applies.
Starting with Gold 2, each player choice will include at least one of the “stronger” TOTS currently in the package. At the beginning of the event, EFL TOTS and Community TOTS will be provided. In this case, this is a guaranteed community choice.
Starting from Elite 3, the Premium TOTW pack will be replaced by the TOTS pack, with three players from stronger TOTS players.
In the top 100, the ultimate TOTW pack will be replaced by the TOTS pack, with 11 players from the more powerful TOTS.

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