The three best Inform cards in FIFA 21 TOTW 32

The new Week 32 team is now available. It will be released at 7:00 pm on May 5, 2021, and will remain open for a week. To get a card from TOTW, you can try to pack it in FIFA 21. However, it would help if you had a lot of luck here. You can buy them exclusively on the transfer market because they can be costly. The new Inform card can no longer be found in the “Weekend League” rewards, and now you have a chance to get a powerful TOTS card.

Complete TOTW 32-with Havertz and Aubameyang
This is the new TOTW 32: Unfortunately, the current TOTW lacks natural appeal because only Aubameyang can get the potent Inform card rated 90. The cards from Havertz (86), Aurier (85), and Pizzi (86) also look neat.

Starting players
TW: Consigli (86)
RV: Aurier (85)
IV: Eder Militao (83)
LV: Boril (82)
ZM: Pizzi (86)
ZOM: Calhanoglu (86)
RM: Ferran Torres (84)
LM: Bongonda (83)
ST: Aubameyang (90)
ST: Havertz (86)
ST: Larin (82)

Substitute players
TW: Alvarez (81)
RV: Celik (81)
LM: Simon (81)
RM: Pardo (81)
LF: Wilson (81)
ST: Kike Garcia (81)
ST: Palacio (81)
IV: Demetriou (73)
ZOM: Buyalskyi (80)
ST: Onaiwu (77)
ST: Bakis (76)
ST: Kiernan (69)

The three best Inform cards in TOTW 32

Aubameyang provides the strongest card in the current TOTW. He received his third Inform card in FUT 21, which must provide a good upgrade compared to the previous TOTW card. However, a flash of lightning-fast forward should not be cheap.
Kai Havertz finally got his first Inform card in FUT 21, and his OTW card is also being upgraded. The new map achieved the most significant leap in pace (84->86) and shooting (81->83).
Aurier from Tottenham Hotspur has gotten a good upgrade, as his second Inform card has now risen to 85. Aurier now has powerful and high-speed cards, which is of great interest to many players.

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