FIFA 21 Add the Premier League season team strong TOTS Players Cards

EA Sports announced on Twitter what the Premier League would look like this year. Fifteen cards have been officially confirmed. The whole team looks solid. De Bruyne, Salah, Bruno Fernandes, and Kane have the best playing cards-96 respectively. Even the weakest playing cards, Shaw and Fofana’s playing cards are 89, still, look good. Here, you can see the complete TOTS:

ZM: De Bruyne (96)
RF: Salah (96)
ZOM: Bruno Fernandes (96)
ST: Kane (96)
TW: Ederson (94)
LF: Son (94)
ST: Vardy (94)
IV: Ruben Dias (94)
LM: Rashford (93)
ZM: Gündogan (92)
ZM: Mount (92)
ZDM: Soucek (91)
RV: Joao Cancelo (91)
LV: Shaw (89)
IV: Fofana (89)

The community has already considered the appearance of TOTS in advance. You can see how close the forecast is in the following section.

This is the prediction of TOTS in the Premier League
What is a TOTS forecast? Seasonal team forecasts are community forecasts. It will guess which players can get a place in the corresponding TOTS based on its solid seasonal performance.

TW: Ederson (Manchester City)
TW: Martinez (Aston Villa)

LV: Shaw (Manchester United)
IV: Ruben Dias (Manchester City)
IV: Stones (Manchester City)
RV: Cancelo (Manchester City)
LV: Cresswell (Westham United)
RV: Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United)
IV: Fofana (Leicester City)

LM: Son (Tottenham Hotspur)
ZM: De Bruyne (Manchester City)
ZOM: Fernandes (Manchester United)
ZDM: Soucek (Westham United)
LM: Rashford (Manchester United)
ZM: Gündogan (Manchester City)
ZDM: Tielemans (Leicester City)

ST: Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)
ST: Vardy (Leicester City)
RF: Salah (Liverpool FC)
LF: Sterling (Manchester City)
ST: Calvert-Lewin (Everton FC)
ST: Bamford (Leeds United)
LF: Grealish (Aston Villa)

This is how you get a new TOTS card.
You have the following options: There are many options for obtaining a robust TOTS card. The cheapest but at the same time, the most stressful method is the weekend league, because there are now TOTS cards as a reward. If you have at least 11 victories here (silver medal 1), you can expect players with 3 TOTS cards to choose from. For more wins, you will get more player choices.
The next option is the FUT transfer market, but the price of a powerful TOTS card is relatively high. It is wise to do TOTS SBC (Small Class Construction Challenge) once a week to ensure a safe TOTS card.​​​ However, even the worst TOTS players can get out of this line.
Last but not least, TOTS players can hide their backpacks. However, the chance of getting a strong TOTS card here is negligible.

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