FIFA 21 TOTW 31 Brings three Exciting cheap Players Cards to FUT

The new weekly 31 teams are now available. It will be released at 7:00 pm on April 28, 2021, and will remain in FUT 21 for a week. How to get a TOTW card: In FUT 21, the TOTW Players cards are no longer included in Weekend League rewards for the first time. There are now more attractive TOTS cards. If you still want to use the current TOTW 31 player, you must look around the transfer market or try the FUT package.

The complete TOTW 31-with Griezmann
This is TOTW 31: This week’s new team offers highly rated cards such as Griezmann (90), Dubravka (86), and Kimpembi (87), but surprisingly, Top forwards like Erling Hyland and Lionel Messi shined during the last defeat on both matchdays of the actual football game.
However, FUT players with a slightly cheaper team can find one or another strong card for their team in TOTW.

TOTW 30 First release:
TW: Dubravka (86)
IV: Kimpembe (87)
LV: Alex Sandro (86)
IV: Niakhaté (84)
ZM: De Paul (86)
ZOM: Klaaasen (84)
ZM: Claude-Maurice (84)
ST: Griezmann (90)
LF: Oscar (85)
RF: Malinovskyi (84)
ST: Yilmaz (84)

TOTW 30 Substitute:
W: Bravo (81)
IV: Evans (83)
ZM: Hector (81)
RM: Tsygankov (83)
ST: Payet (84)
ST: Wood (82)
ST: Embolo (82)
ZOM: Evander (80)
LM: Puado (79)
ST: Armstrong (79)
RF: Santos (78)
ST: Grigg (75)

The three most exciting cards in TOTW 31

Let’s take a look at the most exciting players in the new “Team of the Week,” which are particularly suitable for budget teams.
The Oscar (85) Inform card made an excellent impression. Her position on the left has changed, and she has strong values ​​in almost all areas. This shouldn’t be expensive because the Chinese league is more difficult to connect.
Moussa Niakhaté has an excellent central defender card. His pace (85), defense (86), and physical statistics (87) are imposing. Thanks to the TOTS incident, the card should not be too expensive.
At first glance, Alexis Claude-Maurice does not look conspicuous, but extreme speed (97) and excellent dribbling data (89) make this card a Dangerous weapon in the midfield.

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