FIFA 21 Best players Under 500K FUT Coins

Are you looking for the absolute top players for the ultimate team of FIFA 21? If you want to spend many coins, you can choose to use less than 500K coins. What kind of list is that? It is effortless to lose an overview of the transfer market in FIFA 21-after all, and you can theoretically hire hundreds of players. We have compiled some cards in this list, and the price is between 400K and 500K coins, very worthwhile. Of course, this is a very high budget and not so easy to achieve. Therefore, these are no longer tickets for the entry team. Here, you must save many weekend league rewards or make innovative transactions to get the right amount.

If you are looking for cheap players, you can find them in the following list:
FIFA 21 best players under 400K FUT Coins

Please keep in mind that the FIFA 21 transfer market is dynamic, and prices may fluctuate. The transfer market is currently steadily declining-so it is very likely that you will find a significant decrease in the number of coins of some participants.

Now, you can find some top players between 400K and 500K coins in Ultimate Team.

Paul Pogba (European League RTTF)
Cost: about 400,000 gold coins
If you operate purely based on the statistics in the game (that is, the collected value is hidden behind the statistics on the card), then Pogba’s RTTF card will reach the highest value among all the players purchased, between 400K and 500K coins. The Frenchman can speak of his excellent dribbling and 5-star skills to become the central handlebar. By the way, since Manchester United has not withdrawn from the Europa League, it is impossible to upgrade already strong values. The farther the Red Devils are, the higher the value rises.

Alfonso Davis (RTTF)
Cost: about 425K coins
Like many other top players, the transaction value of the Davies RTTF card has dropped sharply. It is currently about 425K coins-which is almost affordable compared to the original one million dollar coin. The upgrade is no longer possible because Bayern has been kicked out of the Champions League. Nevertheless, this card is still a cruel left-back-no player in FIFA 21 is faster than his 99 paces.

Lionel Messi (TOTW)
Cost: 480K coins
Compared with ordinary cards, Messi’s Inform variant has a decisive advantage: In addition to the improved value, the MS variant does not appear on the wings. Compared with the midfield, Messi’s dribble, completion, and preparation work can better play the strength of the centerline because his speed has decreased. Overall, the attacker is the ideal time to attack the center.

Marcus Rashford (TOTW)
Cost: 408K coins
Rashford has collected many unique cards in FIFA 21, all of which are considered influential in the metadata. No wonder: the British combined the deadly combination of speed, completion, and dribbling with five stars on technique and four stars on weak feet. He’s not very good defensively-but it’s not Rashford’s goal either. If you are looking for a player who can score goals, you have come to the right place.

Ousmane Dembélé (Frozen)
Cost: about 470K coins
Dembélé plays a very similar role to Rashford, but the Freeze card is in the middle. However, its weakness can also provide five stars. This makes Dembélé one of the most difficult to count players in FIFA 21. His cards have exceeded one million coins for a long time, but now they have fallen below 500,000.

Kenny Dalglish (Icon)
Cost: about 400,000
I don’t know you, but I will consider another two or three goals when I see Dalglish on the opposing team. The surface treatment of Scotch whisky is ruthless and is always popular. Although the pace is not too fast, attackers continue to encounter dangerous situations-they can usually be completed. Its basic model is almost 400K, and even the better medium model only has 494K coins.

Dries Mertens (what if)
Cost: about 460K coins
Mittens are one of the players who can always play once or twice in FIFA. This is especially true for the Belgian’s cruel hypothetical card. Otherwise, it is indeed mighty in terms of speed, shooting, and dribbling. Mertens is one of the best cards in the “what-if analysis” promotion, only falling below the 500K mark. In the Serie A storm, he is an excellent choice.

Fikayo Tomori (FUT birthday)
Cost: about 496K
Let’s look at Serie A again, but more in the defensive field. This is Tomori’s birthday card, and he is an excellent central defender. His pace, defense, physique-everything you need. And, if you want to completely humiliate your opponent after stealing the ball with this wall of defenders, you can also use 5-star skills—mighty hand.

Roberto Carlos (icon)
Cost: about 464K
The primary card of Roberto Carlos is “only,” with an overall score of 86, but the Brazilian legend is still convincing, and there is no problem. The trick is that Carlos may also cause a lot of excitement on the offensive end. Today, he is famous for his magical free-kick that seems to violate the laws of physics. If you are good at free kicks, Roberto Carlos is your best shooter.

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