FIFA 21 Community TOTS and EFL TOTS

In the FIFA 21 season, the team has arrived. The community TOTS and EFL TOTS constituted the beginning of the event and brought real heavy and strong cards. This is TOTS: The TOTS event starts at 7:00 pm on April 23, 2021. This is one of the most critical events in FIFA 21: Now, the season’s best players will receive mighty card rewards. The event will take place in the next few weeks, and new unique cards will be released regularly. Every week, we can look forward to seasonal teams from different leagues. Today, it is the EFL, the second English department, and the first team of Community TOTS. Even if these are not one of the big leagues, these cards have exceptionally mean value.

This is what Community TOTS and EFL TOTS look like
These cards are included
: In the FIFA 21 package, both teams now have 15 card representatives. When the EFL team starts with players from the second division of England, the community TOTS will send the card selected by the player to the game.
Both teams are powerful. There are many cookie cards in the community selection. Among them, Bayern defender Alaba (Alaba) has 92 cards. Bailey of Leverkusen also scored 90 points. He is also very suitable for Bundesliga representatives Nkunku (89) and Mukiele, who also scored 90 points.

There are also powerful cards from various leagues. Right-back Wan-Bissaka was already a compelling TOTS card last year, and Valverde’s (92)’s card looked very cruel. Here you can see the complete team:

This is how you get the card: As mentioned above, the TOTS card is included in the package, but the chance of drawing one of them is slight. You can also buy them on the transfer market, but they should be expensive at first.
Currently, the best way to get a TOTS card is the weekend league. Because compared with other promotional activities, the TOTS card directly enters the player’s choice, you can win as many victories as possible. Therefore, the weekend league is finally worth it again!

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