FIFA 21 best players under 400K FUT Coins

Are you looking for the best Players in FIFA 21? Especially for expensive players, you should carefully consider who signs. Here, you will find some top players under 400,000. What kind of list is that? In this player list, you will find strong cards that can enhance the team’s strength. However, they are not ideal for beginner teams because they have already spent a lot of money. To get 400K coins, you need a valid transaction or an intense week with good weekend rewards and partition opponent rewards.

Please note that the transfer market in FIFA 21 is dynamic and fluctuates based on the date. At present, the stock prices of many top companies are falling, but sometimes they may rise again.

In the list below, 100K coins rise again in the direction of 400K coins. There are many outstanding players here. We are looking for players suitable for different teams and positions to provide as many teams as possible. This is an overview of the Ultimate Team.

Neymar (gold)
Cost: about 300K coins
Neymar is one of the absolute best gold cards in FIFA 21, and it is currently cheaper than ever. If you are lucky, you can even buy a Brazilian version on the market with a price of less than 300K coins. He is solid offensively, with five stars technically, weak feet, and excellent offensive value. It is considered one of the absolute meta cards in FIFA 21 and can become an asset for most teams.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Gold)
Cost: about 398K coins
Like Neymar, Ronaldo is one of the absolute top gold medals, only falling below the 400,000 marks. He is fast, has five-star skills, and has a terminal degree. In terms of dribbling, he is also persuasive. Ronaldo also has a unique animation. Nothing can beat the Portuguese in this storm-it’s worth it.

Kylian Mbappé (gold)
Cost: about 380K coins
Another gold medal, another top player. Mbappe is a FIFA 21 screen star and a nightmare for many defensive players. The French are lightning-fast, tricky, and sturdy. Anyone who fights him knows that it is not easy to fight Mbappé. In chemistry, he is also very suitable for Neymar. Those who can afford it have a brutal offensive duo on the court.

Alejandro Gomez
Cost: about 390K coins
During the what-if incident, Gomez was given a card that contained almost all the essential offensive value. Argentina is one of the best cards on sale-it has now fallen below 400,000 coins for the first time. If you lack an all-around offensive player from the La Liga team, then he may be your choice.

Allan Saint-Maximin (Freeze)
Cost: about 350K coins
Let’s stay on the nasty meta card: Allan Saint-Maximin’s overall rating is 86, which may be hiding the strength of the card. But the French “frozen” version has everything the shooter needs in FIFA 21. In any case, his pace is fast enough, and he has the style of a sharpshooter. His speed is quite heavy, dribbling statistics and physical fitness are very high.

Kevin Mbabu (What If)
Cost: about 320K coins
The Wolfsburg men currently have the strongest right-back card in the Bundesliga, and due to a hypothetical upgrade, the card has quickly improved. Taking into account speed, physique, and defense, he is the ideal winger for defense-although. Some people like to use him as a central defender. What is certain is that it is not easy to overcome it in any position.

Thiago (FUT Birthday)
Cost: about 337K coins

Even before his FUT birthday upgrade, Thiago’s skills received five stars, and the weaknesses of unique cards also had five stars. Most importantly, the event also allocated a 7-point overall boost to the Spaniard’s card. The result: a midfielder can handle almost any situation. Thiago can play a role on the offensive end, but at least he can provide defensive help on the defensive, end-especially when he gets the shadow style.

Kaká (Mid)
In this coin field, you have acquired a lot of icons-Kaká is one of the most exciting icons. Of course, the Brazilian offers excellent value, especially in dribbling, which is also supported by his 5-star skills. However, Kaká is also suitable as a preparer and performer. All in all, he is an ideal candidate for your team-especially ten people with engine style.

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