FIFA 21: What-If trackers-these players can be upgraded

New events in FIFA 21 will bring What-If upgrades to your players. Suppose the tracker will show which cards are currently available for promotion. This is a what-if analysis program: FIFA 21 is now running a what-if analysis event. The event brought unique cards, which in some cases can be increased by 2 points in real football. You can find the team here:

Here you can discover What-If team 1 in FIFA 21
This is the What-If team 2 of FIFA 21

The scenarios leading to the upgrade are as follows:
Assaulters and midfielders need to score six goals in their team’s five league games to be eligible for the promotion. It is enough for the team to score-the player himself does not have to score.
Defensive players and goalkeepers must not concede a ball once in 5 league games.
Although some players have been upgraded, other cards have not yet met the necessary plans. We record the status of the currently existing What-If cards in the table below.

The What-If tracker shows all possible upgrades for theoretical cards
The following two tables show the current state of the theoretical card related to the above scenario. The first table shows forwards and midfielders and the second table shows defense.
We update two tables in the morning. Therefore, please come back to MeinMMO here regularly to check your possible upgrades.
Below the table, you can also find players who have been upgraded. They are marked with an asterisk * in the table.
These players have already done it: some players have already received upgrades. Some of these upgrades are not yet live, but they will come.
Daniel Wass rises and rises from 86 to 88
Tim Weah (72) should get a rating of 74 after being upgraded
Lucas Leiva upgraded from 88 to 90
Assuming the upgrade will increase Tello from 87 to 89
Guendouzi scored 89. The score is 87.
Soren’s map has been improved from 87 to 89
Data (85) was upgraded to 87.
Leroy Fer was promoted immediately after the game because Feyenoord won 6-0. Rose to 87.
Central defender Marcelo did not concede a goal in Ligue 1, rising to 90.
Smalling stayed clean and climbed to 90.
Pepe stayed clean and climbed to 88.
Wendell still did not concede a goal, rising to 88th.
Mbabu hit zero and rose to 87.
BVB has reached six goals, and Sancho has risen to 92.
Caputo’s team also scored six goals, and it has yet to be upgraded to 89.
Yuri Berchiche has achieved his goal and will upgrade to 89 soon.
Odegaard can also be upgraded to 90.
Ricardo Pereira is now waiting to upgrade to 89.
Luca Jovic will increase from 87 to 89.
Lees-Melou rose from 88 to 90
Mertens was upgraded to 91.
Region increased from 87 to 89.
Suppose when the upgrade will start? According to EA Sports, What-If players will be equipped with new values ​​as early as Wednesday after the What-If scenario occurs. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your card is not upgraded immediately after reaching your destination.

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