FIFA 21 Cheap Coins affordable meta-players who have more success in weekend leagues

These cards are trendy in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and dominate the Weekend League. This is because these cards are very suitable for the current gameplay of FIFA 21 and provide superior value in their location. For example, this year, speed is a significant value, so many FUT players even use defenders as central defenders.

To keep up with last weekend’s league (the most brutal match in FUT) and get many victories, you inevitably have to invest some gold coins in meta players. But this does not always require cards that cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins.

Therefore, we have shown you, influential meta players, with a circulation of less than 100,000 FIFA 21 Coins (as of April 10, 2021).

Nick Pope
Although Nick Pope has a low score, he is still one of the best goalkeeper cards in FUT 21, and it’s very cheap. You only need to put 2,000 coins on the table to bring a powerful goalkeeper card with a height of 2m into your team.
However, the Pope’s Inform card is more expensive, and the price of the card is about 73,000 coins. If your budget allows for such a price, then the TOTW card of the Pope, in particular, should be able to get you out of many recognized goals.

Raphael Varane
The Varane Center-back card is still one of the best defensive card games offered. Varane is fast and has excellent defensive value. If you also use the shadow chemistry style, then the gold medal from Varane can stop almost any striker.
Its price is about 43,000 coins.

N’Golo Kanté
For many years, Kant has been considered one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA, and this year is no different. With Kanter, you will have a strong midfielder with excellent defense and dribbling skills. If you subsequently use the chemical style “shadow,” the card will get a decent speed increase.
You can get a card with approximately 60,000 coins.

Federico Valverde
Valverde is still a strong midfielder for the gold medal. Most importantly, the high speed and fantastic all-around value are invaluable, making this card an excellent box-to-box midfielder. The cost is approximately 4,400 coins.
If you have more coins on your FUT account, it is worth recommending the Valverde notification card (85). Its price is as high as 82,000 coins, but it is a significant improvement over its standard gold card in all areas.

Sadio Mané
In the end, the price of the ultimate team dropped so much that many FUT players could afford SadioMané. This card is the power of offense. It provides incredible speed (94), excellent shooting value (85), and can be persuaded with the highest dribbling value (90). Besides, Mané received four stars for his skills and weak feet. So many goals should be guaranteed.
It costs about 77,000 coins.

Lautaro Martinez
So far, Martinez has received many unique cards in FIFA 21, all of which have a high value. However, his ’86 Inform card offers an excellent price/performance ratio, which has everything needed for the forward card in FUT 21. Because Martinez is fast, has a strong shooting and dribbling value, he can also practice. Besides, the four stars and weak feet of skill moves mean an additional risk of scoring.
The price of the card is approximately 58,000 coins.

Wissam Ben Yedder
Ben Yedder has become one of FIFA’s most worried forwards in recent years because his serve cards are precious in terms of pace, shooting, and dribbling and because of his weak 5-foot foot. It is particularly dangerous for scoring. If you find that the opposing team is Ben Yad first, you have to prepare to conceded a goal because, with Ben Yad, it is almost harder to miss a plan than score a goal.
You can get a gold card with less than 10,000 coins, but the Inform card on this list is an exception because you have to pay about 170,000 coins for this. However, no one should regret investing.

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