FUT Player Days brings influential Players cards back to the field

In FIFA 21, players FUT Days continue to play a role, with the FUT Encore Team special card to play a role again. FUTFINE will tell you which cards can now be found in the packaging again. After the great FUT birthday event is over, go to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT Player Days in the next round and bring back the old Special cards.

When will the event start? The promotion begins at 7:00 pm on April 9th ​​and may last for a week. EA Sports has not provided accurate information about the duration of the event.

FUT Player Days-This content brings events

This is in FUT Player Day: The latest FUT Player Day is the FUT Encore team, which provided unique cards from previous FIFA events. The team’s most-group stage card from Messi (95), notification card from Joshua Kimmich (92), if the card from childhood Jay Sancho (92) are powerful.

All players on the FUT Encore team:
MS: Messi (95)-group stage team
ZDM: Kimmich (92)-Team of the Week
RM: Sancho (92)-if
LF: Danger (92)-to the final
CM: Camavinga (91)-Future Star
IV: Van Dijk (91)-record breaker
Radio Frequency: Di Maria (88)-Rule Breaker
ZOM: Ziyech (87)-a person to watch
LV: Hernandez (87)-headlines
Touring car: Cuadrado (86)-race character
ST: Saint-Maximin (86)-FUT freeze

What other content must the event provide? During the FUT Player Day and the FUT Encore team, there will also be new mission players, special mission packages, and SBC (Team Building Challenge). However, it is not yet known whether there will be brand new special cards.

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