FIFA 21 will be used on EA Play since May, and therefore will be used in Xbox Game Pass

Publisher Electronic Arts recently announced that it would add FIFA 21 to EA Play’s products in May. This means that all subscribers can perform football simulations without additional costs. Since EA Play is now part of Xbox Game Pass, this title will also be available to all players. EA will reveal the exact date in the short term.

EA Play includes versions for PC as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. FIFA 21 was released in stores almost a year and a half ago. In the test at the time, we carefully studied the simulation. But FIFA 21 is not the only sports game that EA Play subscribers can look forward to. From April 12, 2021, NHL 21 will also be available in the library of the service. EA also added Madden NFL 21 in March.

Thanks to Microsoft and EA’s cooperation, the Xbox Game Pass has been expanded to include more than 60 games. Highlights of the EA Play series include games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Need for Speed, or Star Wars Squadron, which have only been released here for a few weeks. Subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass PC can access the game directly. Only at the beginning of this week, more than 20 games were confirmed, and these games will appear in Xbox Game Pass as soon as they are released.

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